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Not only Estonia, but also Lithuania and Latvia, are considered to be the best banks in the Baltic region, and it has the reputation of a financial partner No.1 .

In terms of Loan and Credit’s customer base, the bank has around 800,000 retail clients and over 133,000 business partners.

Why Loan and Credit is so popular


The Bank has gained recognition not only because of its loyalty to its clients or great credit programs. Loan and Credit makes every effort to financially educate its customers. The Bank’s main mission is to help its customers maintain their money balance and make fully secure savings. The company is based on the “three whales”: caring, simplicity and openness.

The universality of Loan and Credit’s work is based on the fact that the bank has a powerful potential and is able to provide services to all sectors of society, including large companies .

  • Current account opening and servicing at the bank.
  • Loans.
  • Credit cards.
  • Mortgage loans.
  • Investing and savings (deposits).
  • Pension accounts.

The aforementioned banking services 


Are only the main categories of offers, which are classified into several sub-types.

In Estonia alone, there are about 45 official Loan and Credit offices and about 400 ATMs that issue cash. Rural residents are guaranteed cash withdrawals from shops. To make the service even easier, the bank has developed its own mobile app, Internet bank and introduced a 24-hour hotline: Loan and Credit info .

About products


In total, the bank offers 6 credit offers:

1. Consumer credit.

This type of credit allows you to make a purchase without delaying your purchase by gradually paying off your debt. You can even apply for a loan in a mobile app.

How to apply for a loan at Loan and Credit:

  • We fill in the application and send it to the bank for review.
  • Waiting for answer. A decision on a credit application is made within 20 minutes.
  • In the case of a positive decision, we conclude a credit agreement without leaving the mobile app.
  • We receive money in our bank account immediately after signing the credit agreement.

2. Credit card.

  • Loan and Credit offers several credit cards: Gold, Classic, Fixed Payment, Platinum.
  • Anyone with a minimum income of € 252 per month (after all taxes) can receive a credit card.
  • The credit card offers a discount period and “purchase insurance” service.
  • The minimum cash limit on the card is 300 euros, the maximum is 12,000 euros (Gold and Platinum).

3. Mortgage or home loan.

Loan and Credit mortgage can be used not only for the purchase of a home but also for its construction or refurbishment. This package offers 3 programs: mortgage credit, the possibility of credit and small housing credit.


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